Karen D'Angola

Karen D'Angola

Karen D'Angola Karen D’Angola has a 100% Clearance Rate throughout
Castle Hill & Glenhaven.
Few others, if any, can claim such great results.

Karen D’Angola is a highly experienced sales professional with a passion for taking on challenges and delivering proven results. Karen’s determination has seen her achieve fantastic results for her vendors across many areas of the Hills District. A hard working individual, Karen’s integrity and openness has seen many of her vendors praising her excellent communication skills, helpfulness and most importantly, her determination to achieve the best possible outcome for them and their family.

Recently seen on the popular TV program Better Homes & Gardens, Karen was specifically asked to represent a deserving family in the sale of their home, after the show did a wonderful makeover of the property. She’s also worked with producers finding other well deserving families who desperately needed assistance with their homes. A local Castle Hill resident, her knowledge and love for the area in which she resides is evident. Always happy to help out where possible, she’s proud of her strong bond to her family, friends and local community.

Her passion doesn’t just equate to selling homes. Karen and her family have designed and built several homes, invested strategically within the real estate market and realised their own dream of home ownership. She understands the emotions, the desires, the fears and the needs involved in making such large investments.

Before entering real estate, Karen’s sales ability saw her develop strategies to build small businesses, increase their portfolio and see a year on year growth of between 25 to 40%. Her ability to work within the ever changing food manufacturing industry and negotiating with the major supermarket chains provides her with the patience, understanding and more importantly; the perseverance to deal within high pressure sales environments and get the necessary results. Real Estate has always been a passion for Karen and her many personal experiences within the real estate market now allow her the ability to assist others with realising their own dreams.

Karen’s never been shy of a challenge, whether it’s in her career success or personally, her perseverance and determination is always evident. Up until recently she regularly competed in Ultra Trail Running Marathons of varying distances between 50kms to 100km races, often in areas of extreme temperatures and terrain including the Blue Mountains and the Australian Alps. These races are a true test of her strength, commitment and mental capacity to overcome any adversity nature can put in her way.

Karen is a true believer in visualising the result, seeing the finish line and taking the steps necessary to be successful. It’s this true belief in her own ability that Karen takes into every challenge in life and in her desire to ensure the best result possible for her vendors. “Never give up on yourself, never lose the desire to succeed and never stop paying it forward” Team up with Karen, visualise the result and let her help you get the best outcome possible.

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